Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

At St. James the Children’s  Ministry Teams’ mission is to provide a Christ centered environment which will encourage children to learn about Jesus in many different ways.  

The St. James Children’s  Ministry Team's mission is threefold:

  • To show Children the Love of Christ — Church should be the best place in the world, especially for kids, because it gives us a glimpse of Heaven.

  • To teach the Word of God as quoted in the Scriptures — It's hard to know God if if you don't know what He has said.

  • To explain Anglican and Christian traditions — Why do we take communion? Why does the priest wear a green scarf (stole) most of the time? Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Halloween? 

We do these things to help children to know in their hearts that they need Christ in their lives. We want your child to feel accepted, loved, and safe while in their Sunday School class each week. 


At present St James is looking for a Sunday school teacher and children are welcome to be part of worship. There are toys and games provided to entertain children as necessary and the nursery is open during both services.