Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Easter is the most important day of the year for Christians. On Easter we celebrate Jesus Resurrection from the Dead. All of history pivots on this event. It is the central truth of Christian Faith. It matters most of all. We also have fun!

Our fabulous and fun Easter Egg Hunt follows the 10:30 am service. All children are welcome to participate. The youngest children get to search first, then older children get their chance. There are lots of eggs for everyone. The Easter Egg Hunt will be held in the back yard, weather permitting.

While on his way to Jerusalem Jesus explained to his disciples that he would be arrested, killed, and on the third day he would rise from the dead. They did not understand. He told them this three times. They didn't understand. Even after he raised Lazarus from the dead, just before entering Jerusalem, they didn't understand. When Jesus rose from the dead their grief gave way to hope and their doubt to joy. Peter who denied Jesus spoke boldly before those he used to fear. He understood. In rising from the dead Jesus showed that death is not the end of life. In Jesus we receive the gift of eternal life.

Easter at St. James is a joy filled time of worship, fellowship, and fun. We have two services. 9 am and 10:30 am. Our 9 am service features traditional hymns. Our 10:30 am service features contemporary music. Coffee hour with champagne and mimosas follows both services.

St. James is located at 1656 Lincoln Ave near downtown Willow Glen. There is lots of parking available one half block north at Willow Glen Elementary School