Baptism at St. JamesBaptism is how we become members of God's family: the church. This is how we join ourselves to Jesus and to everyone else who has ever joined themselves to Jesus. In Baptism we receive forgiveness of everything we have done in our lives that hurt God or another person. We receive the benefit of Jesus' death and resurrection. This is what is meant when we say "he died for our sins" and "we are baptized into his death and resurrection."

In the ceremony of Baptism we reject everything that draws us from God's love and invite God into our hearts and minds. This is how we begin our lives as Christians. At St. James we baptize adults and children. We have baptisms about 6 times a year. Some dates are fixed on our calendar and some (especially in the summer months) move around a bit.  We try to be flexible in our dates and make efforts to accommodate family gatherings.

We offer a variety of classes for people desiring to be baptized. We appreciate that some people come to us already active in their faith while others are just beginning. Alpha is one of the classes we offer in way of Baptismal Preparation.  Of course the number one best way to prepare for baptism is to attend church and join a small group.

If you would like to be baptized or would like your child baptized please speak to or email Rev. Cindy to arrange an opportunity to sit down and talk about the baptism.