Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Ministries

Intercession Prayer team

Here at St James we have a small group of intercessors who meet together on a Tuesday morning to pray for the work of St James and for prayer requests from the Sunday morning presence cards.

Prayer requests can also be sent to our Prayersupport email which is then sent out to a group of members at St James who faithfully pray for the issues highlighted. Prayers from the presence cards are not shared with this group unless requested by ticking the box on the presence card.

Contact Rev Cindy Stansbury if you are interested in joining the intercession prayer team.


Card and Flower ministry

This small ministry is to send cards and flowers as appropriate to those who are sick or bereaved but also to those who are celebrating. If you would be interested in helping with this ministry contact Laural Sledge.


Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Lay Eucharistic visitors take communion to those who are unable to attend a Sunday service. This enables those in the hospital or those unable to leave home to receive communion when they need it the most.

The Eucharistic visitor ministry is a vital step in helping embody and emphasize the reality of the church as community. Eucharistic visitors are an important pastoral and sacramental expression of that community. They also offer fellowship, a listening ear, a caring heart, a connection to the church community and may offer prayer support. Team members remain dedicated to our mission of providing a ministry of presence, healing, and hope.

Contact Sandy Kalman if you are interested in this ministry.