Altar Guild

Altar Guild members prepare each service in the church in a way that promotes and does not detract from the worship of the Lord. They clean up before and after each service, maintain all the church furnishings, vestments and linens used in the services, and keep on hand sufficient supplies for the care and maintenance of the furnishings, vestments and linens. They work closely with the clergy to maintain a sacred space for the congregation to worship in.

Being an Altar Guild member requires great devotion and commitment. Every service we have depends on the Altar Guild members being there early to set up. This is especially true for all the church holidays, since many are not on Sunday. Training is required for this ministry.

The Altar guild is always looking for new members so if you are interested in joining this ministry, contact Sandy Kalman, the current Altar Guild Director.

All are welcome to give altar flowers in thanksgiving for special life events (anniversary, birthday, birth, etc.) or in memory of loved ones. For altar flower donations, please contact our Parish Admin.