Where We Worship

On October 2nd, 2011 St. James moved into a new building near downtown Willow Glen.  We are now located at 1565 Lincoln Ave. Our Church Office and Reception Area is located in next door at 1571 Lincoln Ave. How we got these beautiful buildings is a wonderful and moving story. Our new church building has lovely warm acoustics.  All of our buildings are air conditioned.

There is space for 6 cars behind the church.  On Sunday's these spaces are reserved for people who really need them.  This includes new mothers, the infirm, and the differently abled. We have arranged permission for Sunday Parking at Willow Glen Elementary School.  This is about a half block walk from the church.  There is also quite a bit of street parking.  We are encouraging people to use the school parking Lot in order to minimize the impact to our neighbors.

There is one spot directly in front of the church and we hope people will use this as a drop off zone during rainy weather.

Our Church building was designed by William Binder who also was the architect for le Petit Trianon in Downtown San Jose.  Like le Petit Trianon, our church building has amazing acoustics.