St. James began in March of 2009.  Our founding pastor and many of our founding members left a local Episcopal Church to form St. James.  The decision to leave was a difficult one.  We left as well as we could, leaving buildings, trust funds, and all assets behind for the continuing church. We took nothing with us.  Not one thing.

Our great desire was to form an authentic Anglican Community in the South Bay and help begin other Anglican Churches.  Anglicanism is one way of being a Christian.  It is an ancient way of living out a Christian faith that stresses the authority of Scripture, the best use of our intellect, and an openness to unexpected questions.  Anglicanism brings together ancient patterns of Christian living and worship with the challenges we all face in a modern world.

Anglican worship follows an ancient pattern and may have a traditional or contemporary expression.  We have three services at St James.  Our 9 am service is traditional, our 10:30 am service is contemporary.  All follow the ancient pattern that would have been recognizable by a first century Christian.

St. James worshiped at the Camden Community Center from March of 2009 until March of 2011 when we moved to the Joan Pisani Community Center in Saratoga. In October of 2011, we were blessed to receive two buildings in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. You can read the whole story on Fr. Ed's Blog.