The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 1:14-20
12 mins 22 secs
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There are moments when we are called to change direction and change how we live. In this week’s Gospel Jesus continues to call his disciples and they continue to respond. What is it that drives us to repent, that drives us to realize it is time to get up and do something different than what we have been doing?
God calls you, personally and specifically, to a changed life, to individual purpose, and to a new future. He knows your weaknesses and frailties, but He also sees your true identity, purpose and potential. How will you respond?
The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 1:4-11
13 mins 11 secs
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Sometimes we feel small in the face of life's challenges, and sometimes we should feel small in the face of the glory of God. This week we will look at the baptism of Christ, when the glory of God broke through into the midst of man's best efforts.
Ginny Barry
Matthew 2:1-12
10 mins 51 secs
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Bro. Innocent Umunna
Luke 2:22-40
15 mins 10 secs
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We reflect on the great work and love of God in sending the savior to be born unto us, but the question we must ask ourselves is thus – was the savior born in my life? And have my eyes seen the salvation of the Lord? The Bible said - Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved."
The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
7 mins 14 secs
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The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
7 mins 56 secs
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The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Luke 1:26-38
9 mins 41 secs
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The Fourth Sunday of Advent is all about God's in-breaking into a disordered world. The Angel Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her that she will bear the Son of God. Gabriel tells her "For nothing will be impossible with God." (Luke 1:37) Tom Cruise's movie franchise "Mission Impossible" is a thrilling action packed celebration that what seems impossible is barely possible with the right training, cool technology, and outrageous daring. None of that is true of this week's Good News. This is all about God. Only God could do this and that God did this reveals His heart for a broken world. Mary shows us what the right response is to God's activity.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
John 1:6-8 & John 1:19-28
14 mins 34 secs
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John was the forerunner for Jesus. His role, his one job, was to prepare the way for the Messiah and to announce his arrival. He told people that the Messiah stood among them and they did now know him. Knowing Jesus is the point of discipleship. Knowing another person takes familiarity and study. Familiarity comes from spending time together and study leads to deeper appreciation. A popular book for marriage these past few years is "The FIve Love Languages". Truly there is a lot of effort that goes into loving and appreciating others. Knowing Jesus and being known by him is not a mystery or particulary difficult thing to do, and it is our Advent discipline.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Mark 1:1-8
17 mins 14 secs
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Come and get ready. Many families have traditions around Christmas. Some families drive to a favorite tree farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains to choose their tree. Others enjoy heirloom ornaments and decorations. Young families often think carefully about the new traditions they want to start as they grow into a family together. Everyone, it seems, has unique ways of preparing. This week we hear how John prepared the way for Jesus and assist with the preparation for his second coming as we worship together. Our worship together prepares the way. We prepare our own hearts and, by our shared proclamation, prepare the world for His return in glory.