The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 6:1-13
18 mins 11 secs
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Jesus can be rejected. Not just belittled, questioned or pushed to the periphery like our modern culture often does, but flat out rejected. In this week’s Gospel, Jesus’ hometown is so offended by him as a miracle worker that He can only heal a few people. So he sends out his disciples to be rejected as well. We are not called to lives of safety and approval, we are called to the adventure of obedience, and the possibility of being instruments of an amazingly powerful and compassionate God.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Mark 5:21-43
18 mins 29 secs
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Jesus healed many people in his ministry amongst his disciples. Healing is not magic. It is not something we can command or control. It is something we hope for and pray for. I have witnessed healing of the body, mind, and spirit. I have seen God's grace bestowed. This Sunday we will hear about two healings Jesus performed and we will pray for others. This Sunday we will consider what courage it takes to hope and seek such courage within ourselves as we pray for healing.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Mark 4:26-34:0
17 mins 50 secs
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This week's Gospel contains two parables about the Kingdom of God. The first is a parable about a farmer who scatters seed then reaps a harvest. The second is the more familiar parable of the Mustard Seed. Fr. Ed preaches on both as he celebrates the joy of casting seed and participating in God's activity. We live in a spiritual reality and our actions have spiritual consequences.
Ginny Barry
Mark 3:20-35
12 mins 16 secs
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After two weeks of joyful celebrations: Pentecost and a baptism, this week we come "back to earth" and face the fact that the battle continues and we have work to do... The scribes, the crowds, and even His own family are pressing in on Jesus. His responses provide insight into our own struggles and stresses. We are encouraged to not lose heart! If you are feeling worn down and overwhelmed, or know someone who is, come be encouraged.
The Rev. Kyle Logan
John 15:26-27 & John 16:4-15
14 mins 47 secs
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The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
John 15:9-17
14 mins 7 secs
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The Rev. Carole Anderson
John 15:1-8
22 mins 49 secs
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The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
John 10:11-18
16 mins 9 secs
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