The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
& Luke 3:1-6
20 mins 56 secs
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In the midst of messy politics and complex power structures of the Roman Empire, the word of God came to John son of Zechariah in the wilderness. This week we consider the beginning of John the Baptist's ministry: how God breaks through circumstances and calls us for His purposes, and what it means to prepare a way for the Lord, both in our hearts and and in our lives.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Luke 3:7-18
15 mins 41 secs
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John the Baptist called people beyond the presumption of privilege. It is tempting to say "I believe, isn't that enough" and go merrily on our way following the whims and desires of our hearts wherever they may take us. John warns people that the children of God bear fruit worthy of repentance. Preparing the way of the Lord, preparing our selves for Christmas and Jesus' coming again in glory, results in our bearing fruit. This is Good News. Life in Christ is so much more than cognitive assent. Its Life with a capital L. This Sunday Fr. Ed will reflect on the amazing gift of forgiveness, Grace, and the Peace that passes all understanding. Life in Christ.
The Rev. Kyle Logan
Luke 1:39-45
16 mins 16 secs
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When my sister was having her first child 10 years ago, my entire family sat anxiously by the phone waiting for the phone call I'm in labor! There was so much excitement in our family since this was the fist child of a new generation for us. It marked a new day, a new season for our family. When Elizabeth was greeted by the Virgin Mary, her child "leaped for joy." The excitement for my sister's kid cannot even begin to compare to the excitement for the birth of the Messiah. In the 4th Sunday of Advent, we anxiously await a new day in salvation history with Mary. Both Mary and Elizabeth knew that the Son of God was preparing to enter the world through Mary's womb. O Come, Immanuel.
The light of Christ comes into the world. Let us adore him.
The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Luke 2:1-20 & John 1:1-14
9 mins 17 secs
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Jesus is born! Come let us adore him.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Luke 2:41-52
13 mins 11 secs
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The story of Jesus as a boy in the temple.