Ginny Barry
Matthew 2:1-12
10 mins 51 secs
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The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 1:4-11
13 mins 11 secs
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Sometimes we feel small in the face of life's challenges, and sometimes we should feel small in the face of the glory of God. This week we will look at the baptism of Christ, when the glory of God broke through into the midst of man's best efforts.
God calls you, personally and specifically, to a changed life, to individual purpose, and to a new future. He knows your weaknesses and frailties, but He also sees your true identity, purpose and potential. How will you respond?
The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 1:14-20
12 mins 22 secs
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There are moments when we are called to change direction and change how we live. In this week’s Gospel Jesus continues to call his disciples and they continue to respond. What is it that drives us to repent, that drives us to realize it is time to get up and do something different than what we have been doing?