Ginny Barry
Matthew 2:1-12
10 mins 51 secs
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The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 1:4-11
13 mins 11 secs
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Sometimes we feel small in the face of life's challenges, and sometimes we should feel small in the face of the glory of God. This week we will look at the baptism of Christ, when the glory of God broke through into the midst of man's best efforts.
God calls you, personally and specifically, to a changed life, to individual purpose, and to a new future. He knows your weaknesses and frailties, but He also sees your true identity, purpose and potential. How will you respond?
The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 1:14-20
12 mins 22 secs
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There are moments when we are called to change direction and change how we live. In this week’s Gospel Jesus continues to call his disciples and they continue to respond. What is it that drives us to repent, that drives us to realize it is time to get up and do something different than what we have been doing?
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Mark 1:21-28
11 mins 15 secs
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These past two weeks I have found myself marveling at the media attention being given to "inflate-gate". Our national attention has shifted from Islamic Terrorism to footballs. Some are appalled by this focus on the trivial. I am not. I think I get it. Everyone needs to reset "normal". What does normal look like? In this week's Gospel Jesus shows us what new normal looks like for him and by extension what normal begins to look like for his followers as they grow more like him. Jesus has just been baptized and the Holy Spirit rests upon him. The new normal has been revealed to the world. It is marvelous and demons don't like it.
Mike Patterson
Mark 1:29-39
9 mins 19 secs
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The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 9:2-9
10 mins 2 secs
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This Sunday’s readings are about mountain tops and transfiguration, clouds and glory descending, chariots of fire, and double portions of the Holy Spirit. Our God is a mighty God and life in Christ is only sometimes this dramatic, but always an adventure.
The Rev. Kyle Logan
Matthew 6:1-7 & Matthew 6:16-21
16 mins 12 secs
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In Lent, we are reminded that we are but dust and ashes. We will all surely find our way back into the earth through our death. It’s a sober time to reflect on that mortality.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Mark 1:9-15
14 mins 50 secs
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Somethings are hard to forgive. Reconciliation isn't always possible and saying "i'm sorry" sounds empty and woefully inadequate. In times like the opportunity to be forgiven is sweet indeed. In this week's Gospel from Mark Jesus fasts for 40 days and then launches his preaching ministry. Mark summarizes his message saying “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near; repent, and believe in the good news.” I think we often hear this call to repentance as a punishing voice instead of the good news that it is. No matter what we have done or left undone God desires to forgive us. He offers us the gift of Repentance.
The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Mark 8:31-38
17 mins 4 secs
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Jesus calls us to a life of Self Denial that we may gain life. That is only partly true. Self Denial is actually not the point. Denying oneself is the necessary condition for taking up your cross and following Jesus. Let's put that a little differently. You can't take up your cross and follow Jesus without first laying down your life. This Sunday we will reflect on this activity. How do we do this? What does it accomplish? Why is this the smartest thing you will ever do?