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Ginny Barry
John 14:23-29
14 mins 53 secs
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This week we focus on the gift of peace... Jesus says, "do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid." Peace is elusive in our culture. Stress and busyness are rampant. Worry sucks the peace and joy out of everything. So how do glimpses of the Kingdom of God and this promise of peace - a peace beyond human understanding - empower us to overcome our natural tendencies to fret, and instead, serve and witness more effectively? Could you use a little more peace in your life?
Ginny Barry
Mark 3:20-35
12 mins 16 secs
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After two weeks of joyful celebrations: Pentecost and a baptism, this week we come "back to earth" and face the fact that the battle continues and we have work to do... The scribes, the crowds, and even His own family are pressing in on Jesus. His responses provide insight into our own struggles and stresses. We are encouraged to not lose heart! If you are feeling worn down and overwhelmed, or know someone who is, come be encouraged.
Ginny Barry
Matthew 2:1-12
10 mins 51 secs
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Ginny Barry
Matthew 22:15-22
15 mins 17 secs
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In this week's gospel Jesus is still in the temple teaching. The Pharisees and Herodians, normally bitter opponents, have joined forces to try to trap Jesus and have Him arrested for "legitimate" reasons. Jesus side steps their trap and delivers one of His most quoted responses: "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and render unto God what is God's." High drama, great wisdom, and much to explore as we apply this teaching to our own lives. Join us!
Ginny Barry
John 17:1-11
13 mins 11 secs
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This week we focus on the "in between time:" the time between Jesus' Ascension after His resurrection and Pentecost, when the gift of the Holy Spirit was given. What happened in that intentional time gap? In this season of graduations, engagements, and weddings, our hearts can be full of hope and dreams for the future as we anticipate these important milestones. So much potential - unlimited possibilities - but they can't be realized without important preparation beforehand. Jesus' disciples model for us how we too can prepare for and anticipate the powerful promise Jesus gave them then, and gives us today.
Ginny Barry
Luke 2:22-40
13 mins 30 secs
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"What did you expect?" Our expectations are colored and influenced by the information we have about a particular subject or event, and the validity of that information makes a huge difference in the outcome. We have all experienced unnecessary disappointments or frustration because our expectations were out of line with the reality of the situation... Vacations, holidays, test outcomes... and finding the Messiah... Simeon and Anna recognized the Messiah, when so many others did not... We will explore what they expected, and what they received...