The Very Rev. Ed McNeill
Matthew 5:21-37
19 mins 58 secs
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In this Sunday's Gospel from the Sermon on the Mount we turn from the more familiar "Blessings" to the more uncomfortable sayings. The Antithesis that Jesus said begin with the words "You have heard it said..." Sentences that begin this way nearly always call us out of step with the world around us. I have a friend who once told me that a priest's job was to bring comfort to the grieving and discomfort to the comfortable. Certainly this week's Gospel supports this understanding unless and until we realize that Jesus is not trying to get us to walk out of step with the world around us but to walk in step with Him. This is the mysterious truth about conversion: once we walk out of step with society to be in step with Jesus we leave shallow lives behind us for the joyful lives that God intends for us.