The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Matthew 25:14-30
17 mins 16 secs
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This week, our readings continue the theme of anticipating the Day of the Lord as a day of reckoning. As the redeemed, adopted children of God, we are to live not in fear, but in sober awareness, that we are accountable to God for how we use our time, talents, money and other resources, for all that we have actually belongs to God. He has entrusted us with the stewardship of Earth and its resources, including the hours of our lives and our circumstances, skills, money and gifts. We are not self-made, self-sufficient or even self-sustaining. Our readings warn us of the dangers of complacency, of denying the reality of our dependence on God. Yet, we are also given the privilege of entering into the work of our King. We are given the opportunity to use what we are given to create, to grow and to provide for others. How we use this privilege, these gifts, this time, depends greatly on how clearly we see the nature and character of God.