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The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 6:14-29
14 mins 28 secs
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How do we react to the voice of truth? In our Old Testament reading, Amazia, the priest of Bethel, tries to discredit and send Amos away to go prophesy somewhere else. In or Gospel, Herod hears of Jesus and is afraid; convinced that this is John the Baptist returned from the dead... What do yo do when you've murdered a prophet? When you've silenced a message from God? How can you hear past your guilt and fear to hear the message of salvation and grace? The Word of God is not something we can hold indefinitely, passively. It is spoken for a reason, has its own agenda and purpose and as we are exposed to it, we are changed by it. Just as in New Testament times, God is in our midst, in spirit and in truth and we respond by receiving or rejecting the Word of God.