The Rev. Cindy Stansbury
Mark 2:23-3:6
16 mins 5 secs
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Sometimes, Sabbath as an ongoing spiritual discipline feels like one more obligation, one more constraint to add to overburdened, over-pressured lives. Especially in Silicon Valley where the concept of Sabbath is completely alien. In our Gospel this week, the disciples gather grains of wheat as they walk through a field, and the Pharisees object. Jesus holds out their misplaced priorities to them by making them choose whether it is right to heal on the Sabbath, and they are even more outraged. The rest of our readings gather around this notion of Sabbath, its history and purpose and its limitations. It is clear that God’s purpose in establishing Sabbath was to lift burdens, and free us from slavery, not impose more bondage. However, are we then free as Christians, to spend our time without constraint and without obligation? Come join us this Sunday as we look at how we are called to live eternal lives, neither slaves to time, nor unaccountable free agents.