Sunday, 09 April 2017

Crucify Him!

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Donkeys and palm branches, the king who brings peace… Hosanna! Wait! Who is this? The city is in an uproar… What is he doing, we didn’t authorize this impending disaster! We must stop him… arrest him, send him to Pilate… Who do you say that you are? What shall I do with this man? Crucify him! A purple cloak, a crown of thorns, mocking voices And then stripped, beaten, and led to the place of his execution… At noon, darkness for three hours… A proclamation of surrender a loud cry, a last breath… and then the witness: “Truly this man was the Son of God!” Palm Sunday is the preview of Holy Week, the most dramatic week in human history; it is enough to give us emotional whiplash! But this is also the first part of the climax of God’s redemption of the world; it is the story that should be defining and shaping our hearts and very lives. So please take time this week, in preparation for Palm Sunday, for Holy Week, and for Easter, to read the full account in Matthew 21:1-11: & 26:14 – 27:66; Of Jesus, God incarnate, walking in obedience, humility and love, laying down his life as willing sacrifice, in the midst of the praise, cries, jeers, and condemnations of the very ones He came to save.
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