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Reflections on life in the Kingdom of God. Events at St. James.

Introducing St. James Blog

We've added a blog to our website. We are doing this for multiple reasons. One reason is to improve our Search Engine Optimization so that people looking for San Jose Churches can more easily find us. Regular new content on a website gets noticed by Google, Bing, and other search engines. This really does help. We'll probably put longer articles then fit in the eNews here with a link from the eNews. Yep this helps also. When someone visits a page on our website it helps our page rankings with the search engines. Really exciting stuff.

Another reason for starting a Blog is that we have a creative group of preachers who often have material that is interesting but doesn't make it into the sermon. This is a place for us to post reflections and observations. We'll also post photo stories about events around St. James. I'm already planning one to reflect on our upcoming Festival of Lessons and Carols.


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